Pigeon spike is designed to keep the pigeons away and not to harm them. When the birds notice the pigeon spike on building ledges or on another place that they usually land on, they simply change their direction and fly away. If these spikes are used it doesn't mean being wicked and this is stated by the fact that, out of all the methods available for keeping the birds away, this is the safest one.

Even animal rights activists recommend using such spikes when visited way too often by birds.Pigeon spike, which appear like sharp needles are devices that are specifically designed to scare away the pigeons and other pest birds. Pigeon spike is easy to install. They cause great discomfort to pigeons and prevent them from nesting. However, they provide only a temporary solution to the problem. The needles or spikes are usually all plastic or a plastic base with stainless steel spikes. Plastic Pigeon spike is harmless to pest birds, the spike is not sharp, but create an unsuitable landing area for the birds so they move on to a more hospitable site.The plastic bird spikes can control the amount of birds that will land on the property in a safe and humane way. The birds will often just move to another area to rest. The plastic bird spikes are very inexpensive, yet effective. If the concern is a balcony, it can probably done for about ten dollars. If concerned about an entire roof line, a little extra money has to be spent. However, in order to get rid of birds, there can be money-saving in the long run. For store owners, a clean storefront is an attractive store. Customers are more likely to frequent the business if they are not dodging birds to get there.Pigeon Spike is the best bird proof solution for chasing away pigeons and birds of similar size. Stainless steel Pigeon Spike never become rusty and keeps its shape for many years.

Metal bird proof Pigeon Spike is long lasting. Pigeon Spike bird control products consists of thin, stainless steel rods and a clear P.C resistant polycarbonate base or metal base for long-lasting durability while protecting against target pest birds. Pigeon Spike is an excellent low profile bird deterrent system for use on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights, etc. Pigeon control has all bird proof solution to the pigeon problem, both commercial and residential.