Every component raging from largest to the smallest is made for the particular environment which could be stress & temperature or stress & corrosion. This method is generally used on the materials like glass, metals, plastics and fired ceramics. The equipments mostly used in this type of testing include Tank Crawlers or Near Drum Scanners. Therefore, within the life cycle of the component it should be tested at regular intervals of time to maintain its fitness and this testing should be non-destructive in nature.com.

The MFL is usually applied for the detection of corrosion in steel pipelines.abcndt.It is almost inconceivable for an industry especially Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Paper and Pharmaceutical Industry to run for a length of time without carrying out non-destructive testing (NDT) periodically. This company provides conduct Non Destructive and Destructive Testing on behalf of different type of business organizations http://www. Liquid Penetrant Inspection offers an inexpensive means of surface inspection and is flexible enough for inspecting parts of almost any shape. Liquid Penetrant Inspection:Liquid Penetrant Inspection or LPI or PT is used to detect the flaws on the surface of the component like fatigue, quench or grinding cracks. The equipments used in this type of testing include the Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), Portable Yoke and the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL).

One of such company is ABC Testing Incorporated. Some of the important methods of non-destructive testing are listed below:Ultrasonic testing:Ultrasonic testing is mainly used to read thickness of samples but can also be applied for the detection Ultrasonic Mixing Mixer of flaws and corrosion. The equipment transmits the magnetic field in order to magnetize the pipeline and the areas where no flux lines could be seen indicate cracks or metal loss. It can also be fatigue where time also works as an element leading to the failure.

There are various companies available in the market which offers non-destructive testing services at highly competitive prices. In Electromagnetic Acoustic Transmission method, an ultrasonic wave is transmitted within the item to the tested and the reflected wave is analyzed in order to determine its internal structure.Magnetic testing:This method is mostly used in the detection of the welds and turbine blades, pipelines as well as some engine components. Aerospace and the Pipeline industries make use of the Electromagnetic Acoustic Transmission (EMAT) for ultrasonic testing while Refining & Petrochemical sector usually apply phased array equipment for this purpose